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How can I minimise my risks when trying to get my product to market?

You are an entrepreneur. So this is a good question. You have a great idea. But what you do not have at the moment is a tangible product with which to demonstrate to your market that what you say can be done, can in fact be done. Getting that prototype product built is going to cost and so the first risk you need to manage is not going broke building the prototype. It is going to cost you something but the question is, how can you minimise that cost? The answer is, share the risk. Find a partner that can and will share the risk with you. This is why you need Senztek. Senztek will build your prototype at a very sharp price deisgned to cover costs while not sending you to the poor house. Senztek will assume a share of your risk. And they will do this because you have agreed that for a period of time, everytime you need a product built, you will have Senztek manufacture this for you. Senztek share your startup risk and if you are successful, Senztek share the rewards by winning the right to manufacture your device. Sounds too simple? Check it out. The process works!

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Feb 27, 2020

I get it. Less upfront costs to develop a product means I get to market sooner.

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